Consulting Services

Karol Consulting offers advisory services in the following areas: health system strategic analysis; health provider payment systems; provider contracting; pharmaceutical economic evaluations.

Consulting Services

KAROL Consulting expertise includes the following skill areas:

  • Health system strategic analysis: evaluation of system design and the delivery of care including outpatient, inpatient and emergency care.
  • Health provider payment systems: to support appropriate incentives and payment for performance
  • Health insurance operation: benefits packages and interaction between mandatory health insurance and private health insurance
  • DRG systems and their use in performance management: DRG coding, data analysis, DRG based payment and use of DRG data for quality measurement.
  • Provider contracting and financing reform: purchasing of healthcare, contract design and contract management.
  • Pharmaceutical economic evaluations: analysis for submission for listing on government subsidised lists
  • Institutional development and capacity building: allocation of institutional responsibilities and accountabilities for service funding and service provision
  • Training in provider contracting and DRG implementation: skills development in performance based contracting and the use of DRG technology to measure performance.
  • Health sector change management: working with clients to change attitudes and institutional cultures to meet health reform objectives

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